Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Halloween!

In retrospect, I'd say Caden's 1st Halloween was great!  He visited a pumpkin patch, went to the church's Fall Festival, and even went trick or treating!  Being the kiddo's first Halloween, there was much debate discussion about what his costume should be.  My search started early because I wanted to be proactive and have as many options as possible, so I went to about 6 different stores to see what was out there and this is what I found out:  there really aren't too many options for babies.  Like with clothes, bedding, and most other baby-related items, there are way options for girls than boys.   Since Caden is fully mobile, he had to have a costume he could walk in.  I know there is a small window in which we as parents get to choose his costume before voicing his own wants, and I have a strong feeling he is not going to want to be a cute puppy dog at age 8.  It will probably be some super hero, which is totally fine, but I think the sweet little animal or pumpkin costumes are absolutely adorable and I wanted that moment as a sappy mother.
     Casey and I went back and forth on what he should be based on the options we had and neither one of us could agree with the other's suggestions.  Finally, we came to a compromise, a lion (masculine but still cute)!  I took Caden with me back to one of the Halloween stores to make the purchase!  Thankfully they let you try on the costumes, which is wonderful since most places are an "all sales final" kind of place.  Looking back I probably shouldn't have done this so close to nap time, but some days it just doesn't work out that way.  Anywho, we are in the store and I am trying to put this costume on Caden to see what size he needs, when he has a meltdown.  After exhausting both of us getting the body of this animal costume on him, I next try for the mane that velcros around his face.  Not happening!  This child did not want anything touching his face and if it was, he was ripping it off.  With that new revelation, that wiped out nearly all the costumes that now existed for babies.  Thankfully, the also had these cotton superhero costumes in the store as well.  Casey had suggested those earlier, but I turned those down because I wanted one of those super cute animals.  There was only one costume that didn't require anything on his face and that was Superman!  With the hairs in the middle of his head being longer, this costume turned out to be the perfect fit for him!  Plus, it was cotton so he wouldn't be baking in it at our Fall Festival at church!  So after all that debating, it turned out to be for nothing, which makes me laugh now.  Our Superman was absolutely adorable and now we have a costume that doubles as pajamas (which he totally slept in Halloween night).
     We have not added candy to Caden's diet at this point, but we wanted to take him for a little trick or treating on his first Halloween.  So we stayed close and just went to a few neighbor's houses who we knew would want to see Caden dressed up and then passed out candy at our house.  One of our neighbors (a preschool teacher) was sweet enough to make a special bag of goodies for Caden with food he could actually eat! So thoughtful!  The rest will just have to be taken care of by his Mommy and Daddy!  Seems pretty fair after my 4:30 and 5:00 wake up calls we've had going on here lately!
Superman at the MCOC Fall Festival
Enjoying his glow stick from the neighbors

Caden's first house to go trick or treating at!

No candy in there yet!

Silly boy!

Helping Daddy at work

Both of these Hixon boys dressed up for Halloween
"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God- not by works, so that no one can boast." Ephesians 2:8-9