Friday, May 29, 2015

Here We Go Again!

While you will be reading this post probably a couple months after I write it, I wanted to write this post now because there is no way I will be able to remember everything! Casey and I are excited to announce that we are expecting Hixon Baby#2 in early December 2015!  We are beyond thrilled to add another little one to our family and make Caden a big brother!  God is so good, and while it may seem far off, I know with a very active toddler time will fly by.
   So even though I wasn't yet late, I decided to take a pregnancy test a couple days early.  I honestly thought it would be negative just because I had similar symptoms the previous month and I wasn't pregnant then.  My thought process was to just take the test, find out it was negative for certain, and then move onward and hope it would happen the next month. Btw, Casey has no idea I'm planning on taking a test.  Again, I thought it was negative, so I figure I'd just tell him later.  No big deal, right?!  On Monday, March 30th Caden and I have finished eating breakfast and playing a little bit when I decide to take the test.  Of course Caden follows me into the bathroom like he always does.  I take the test, and as I did with Caden and every pregnancy test I've taken I just prayed to God for peace and acknowledging that His time is perfect, so to help me have patience and wait if I didn't get the answer I wanted.  This time I had a little prayer partner with me, and it was so sweet to have my son sit on the bathroom floor together and pray to God about such a special matter.  When I looked at the stick and saw the other line, meaning I was pregnant, I was BEYOND excited and shocked!  Caden and I then said another prayer to God thanking him for this tiny precious life He had given us.  Caden was the first person that I told, but at 16 months has no idea what is coming his way in the coming months.
   Our Monday was off to a great start!  Now to figure out how to tell Casey!  This definitely is not one of those things you share on the phone.  Casey is very calm and laid back, but when he is genuinely and sincerely excited, seeing his face light up is one of the best sights ever!  I knew I wanted to tell him in person, but meeting him for lunch didn't seem like the best option since Caden and restaurants aren't always the best combo at this point in our life, so I decided I would wait till we came home.  Caden and I went shopping and decided to get him a big brother t-shirt to tell his Daddy.
I found one that would work (not my ideal choice), but it would do!  I waited till right before Casey came home to change Caden into his shirt  that said he was being promoted to big brother and since we have a detached garage, we played in the backyard waiting for Daddy to come home, which is not unusual if the weather is nice.  Caden is so excited every day to see his Daddy, so he's right up against the rod iron fence waiting for his Daddy to open the gate. 
   Casey immediately notices Caden has a new shirt on! I'm seriously impressed.  So I think he read what was on it and waiting for a reaction, but that would be a negative!  He just says let's go inside and starts asking me about my day.  By this point, I know the man has no idea what is going on.  While he's getting something out of the pantry, I asked him if he read Caden's shirt.  Of course by this point Caden decides to sit down and be whiny because he didn't get his way about something, so all Casey can read on this squirmy toddler's short is "I've been promoted"  and the bottom 2 lines that say Bro-ther.  Except Casey thinks the last part is 2 words, so he still doesn't get it!!!  Finally we get Caden to stand up straight and he reads it all, and gets it!  His face lit up because he was not expecting this surprise!
   Not sure if it's a boy or girl, but we'll see what God says our family needs!  Excited to see the plans God has for this little one!  We look forward to meeting you later this year Hixon Baby #2!!!

This kid has no clue he's losing his only child status!

4 Weeks with Hixon Baby #2

Baby #2 at 7 wks.

Baby #2 at 9 wks.  Grow baby, grow!!

Baby #2 at 12 wks., 2 days

"But be glad and rejoice forever in what I will create..."  Isaiah 65:18