Thursday, March 19, 2015

15 Months

   So even though our sweet boy turned 16 months old yesterday, here is a post on him at 15 months!  This little guy has been sick off and on I feel like since winter began, so that is a huge reason for the delay in my posting!  I pray springtime is kinder to us!  Caden John is growing so fast and learning something new all the time.  My absolute favorite thing that he started doing on his own is putting his hands together to pray, seriously melts my heart every time!!!  He's "talking" so much more, and saying actual words too!  Besides mama, daddy, and yah, he's started to say "sit".  Why he chose this word of all words, I don't know, but I suspect it's all the many times I tell him to sit down on his bottom when he is standing on top of toys and such.  His Daddy worked really hard with him to make sure he annuciates it correctly, because that can come out differently when you're still learning how to speak.  He does really well now!  Speaking of standing on toys, this kid has no fear (I like to attribute his Daddy and Uncles for this trait in him), which does give this Momma some worry!  On the otherhand, I'm glad that he's not afraid to try new things.  Just means more prayers for this Momma to share with the good Lord I guess!
   While working to feed ourselves with a fork/spoon is still a work in progess, he's actually doing really well.  It's honestly more difficult for me, because I want 100% of it to get in his mouth so I know he's getting enough to eat, but I know he's got to do it himself  and that the only way to improve is to give him more opportunities to practice.  A noticeable change too is that he's started to become more attached to his Mommy.  I've been here this whole time, but if Casey was around too, then it was all about his Da-da.  Maybe it's because he's been sick so much, but who knows.  It's nice to know that at this age that my kiddo likes me:)
   It's nice to go to the doctor when it's for a well visit.  I'm hoping we can make it till our next well check at 18 months to see the pediatrician!  His 15 month visit went really well!  Casey and I got an A+ for how well Caden is doing!  His stats from that visit are:
Height: 31.5 in. (63%)
Weight: 22 lbs. 3.2 oz. (41%)
Head Circumference: 18.74 in. (73%)
   I still struggle finding pants/shorts for this kid that he can hold up because his waist is so tiny!!!  He needs 12-18 months size for the length, but it's tricky to find stuff that will stay up.  Oh to have this struggle in my own life! Ha!  Caden is still a ball of energy that doesn't like to sit still for long, so I get a good workout trying to keep up with him.  He likes to throw pretty much all of his toys, but we are working on teaching him that balls are the only thing that's okay to do.  We've entered the lovely phase of life where we whine and cry when we don't get our way pretty much every single time.  This only lasts a couple months right?!  More like years I know.  Oh well.  The doctor says that's a sign of him maturing and growing up, so I choose to look at it like that. We are doing A LOT of maturing at our house right now!
   Caden John is still the best blessing to our lives with each new day! So glad we get to share our lives with him!  Love you sweet boy!!!
This meltdown is because I wouldn't let him
play in the refrigerator. No joke.
Caden with his cousin Sophia! 
These kids are almost a year apart.
This kid loves to climb up on our kitchen chairs.
Waving hi to his Daddy!

"for he guards the course of the just and protects the way of his faithful ones."  Proverbs 2:8