Monday, August 31, 2015

Family Photos

   Like with my blog posts, I'm really slow with updating my pictures.  The picture on this blog is from Caden's newborn photos, ha!  My profile and cover photos are old too!  Part of my slowness in changing them is that I love looking at them and remembering Caden as this tiny, little one forever.  Then there's the decision of what picture(s) to replace these things with, which also takes me longer than it should.  And finally, there's the whole time factor that I never seem to have enough of.  Back in April (yes I wrote April) we had some family photos done.  My original plan was to get these done when Caden turned a year old, and we see how long it took me to finally get that done.
   Oh well, such is life.  Instead, Caden is 17 months old and I was pregnant with Molly (though no one knew at that point, which was also another reason I delayed in posting these pics).  A sweet friend from church that is also a very talented photographer took them for us and she did an amazing job.  I'm so glad I got some great pictures of my little guy (and little girl too!) that I can treasure forever!  Here are just a few:

I love seeing my sweet boy putting his
hands together to pray

Caden showing his "muscles"

"You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." 
Isaiah 26:3

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sweet Molly Elizabeth!

I've been a bad blogger yet again!  So sorry!  Baby Hixon #2 is a GIRL!!  

Sometimes, I still can't believe it!  I seriously had this feeling after having Caden that we were going to have all boys and I was good with that!  Overall, Caden was/is an easy baby (don't get me wrong, we have our challenges, but I know it could be way worse).  Given that this second pregnancy was so different from Caden's in the fact that I was way more nauseated amongst other not so fun symptoms, we suspected this little one might be a girl.    We really were good whether it was a boy or girl.Each pregnancy is different, so in actuality there's really no way to really know.  Casey and I were both fully confident that God would give us what we needed, we just prayed for a healthy little one. When we had an ultrasound, the tech was able to tell us right off the bat that we were having a girl!  It was so incredible to watch her move around and to see how much she had grown from the last ultrasound.  Everything looked great and progressing as it should be!
   So how did we arrive at the name Molly Elizabeth?  This is actually the girl name we had picked out if Caden was a girl too (I just had to talk Casey into it again)!  With Caden and Molly's pregnancies, both Casey and I spent a lot of time looking at baby name books trying to find the perfect name for our little ones!!  One day when I was pregnant with Caden I was looking through girl names, I came across Molly and I really liked it.  The book I was reading also had details in it like what the name meant, if it was the form of another name, and a variety of spellings.  Then I saw that Molly was a form of Mary and I fell so in love with the name and knew if I ever had a daughter, that's what I wanted her name to be!  Both Casey and I had grandmothers that we were very close to growing up that were named Mary.  They were beautiful, amazing Christian ladies that we both loved deeply, admired for so many reasons, and aspired to be like.  I can remember one day driving home from work and just crying at how much I loved this name!  When I told Casey about the tears, his initial reaction was that he laughed at me (ah the joys of pregnancy hormones)!  But then when I asked him what kind of person he would want his daughter to be like and that I would want her to be like them, he totally agreed!  Both of our grandmothers are living the good life in heaven now, which makes me a little sad they can't be here to hold our sweet girl and meet their namesake, but we'll all be together one day, so it's just a delayed reunion.  I'm sure they're both looking down on us and just in love with their great granddaughter.  Okay first name down, now what is her middle name?  Elizabeth is again special to both of us!  Casey's grandmother (same one named Mary) had the middle name Elizabeth and then my very first best friend Laura that I only had to thankfully spend 10 days without on this earth has the same middle name.  I think it just fits perfect with Molly too!!
Casey's Grandmother Mawmaw
My grandmother Mur with all but one of her grandchildren
(I would be the front and center)
   It's so nice to no longer call this baby an "it" and that she has a name!  I'm hoping this will help Caden better understand that he has a little sister coming in a few months.  Right now, if you ask him where his baby is, he lifts up his shirt and points to his belly button!  Pretty typical, but very cute!  If you ask him where Mommy's baby is, he'll lift up my shirt and either point to my belly button or if we're sitting down he'll hug my belly.  We're making progress (I hope) on the being gentle.  We bought a baby doll to help Caden start the transition of not being the only child and how we need to be sweet to the baby, which I think is helping him a lot.  Bring on the bows and pretty dresses!

20 wks. with Caden
20 wks. with Molly

"Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him."  Psalm 127:3