Friday, October 11, 2013

Random/Dumb Things I Have Cried About During Pregnancy

     One of the lovely things about pregnancy is the increase of hormones that flood your body making your emotions and frankly the lives of those around you (particularly your baby daddy) much more difficult.  I really don't think I had been too terribly unreasonable or overly sensitive for a lot of this pregnancy, which surprised both Casey and myself.  That unfortunately all started to change as I have finished my 2nd trimester and begun the home stretch of the 3rd trimester.  Here is a list of the situations in my life that have evoked tears (and not just one tear, but many):
  • Casey didn't ask me how my day was after I asked him about his.
  • Casey told me he wanted chicken and rice for dinner one night, but didn't ask me what I wanted for dinner.  (Keep in mind he made breakfast 2 days before without asking and that resulted in no tears)
  • Casey interrupted me, which really just irritated me not made me tear up, but as the conversation progressed, he then professes "I want my wife back" (referring to a much LESS emotional one) and that's when the tears began to flow.
  • The HR dept. at my work wouldn't validate my parking so I had to pay $25 to park in the garage. 
  • I'm still not sure what caused some tears one night as I was laying in bed (the only thing I think it could have been was that at dinner, which was at the Memorial City Mall food court before church one Wednesday night I was debating between pizza at Sbarro or Chick-fil-a.  I ended up going the Chick-fil-a route (which normally I'm all about) because I thought that might be slightly healthier, but as I ate my chicken nuggets and fries, I remember wishing I had chosen the pizza.  Either possible explanation: the unknown or being upset over not choosing pizza for dinner is pretty lame.
    Even more sad to say is that I think all of those examples happened in about a 10 day period or so.  Let me say that despite knowing the ridiculousness on crying over these matters, that does not make the tears stop (it may have delayed it a couple minutes, but the tears still came and there were probably more of them too because I knew it was dumb to cry over these things).  These were the things I was just willing to share crying about, believe me, there have been more tears.
    So let's all say some prayers for Casey as he deals with all these tears, which he is handling overall very well.  Bless his heart, the boy wants to fix it and try to understand why I'm crying, but I think these days there is no logical reason most of the time, which is very difficult for the engineer male mind to process.  I did warn him that right after the baby is born, the hormones don't immediately go back into place, that will take some time too.  It's a learning experience for us all!
  This coming Monday will be 34 weeks (Seriously?!), so each day  we make it through means we are one day closer to normalcy or more likely a new state of craziness (hopefully the number of tearful instances diminish over time).  I've been going to the doctor every 2 weeks since the 28 week mark, and this past Wednesday marked my second to last 2 week appointment, then the next step is going every week!!!  Baby Caden was doing great!  Measuring right on track and heart beat was good!  His movements are much more intense shall we say, so I think the boy is getting cramped for space.  He just needs to stay until the 37 week mark to make sure his lungs finish maturing, but after that, this little guy does not have to wait until Nov. 25th (or later) to make his appearance!  Until the next post my readers...

I'll leave you with is a side by side comparison from 28 weeks to  33 weeks:

Have a blessed weekend!!

"How great you are, Sovereign Lord!  There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears."  2 Samuel 7:22

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  1. Haha, got to love those wonderful hormones. I am now almost six months post partum and feel like I have my hormones back under control. Everyone is different though, the good news is, you will be yourself again. Just keep telling Casey that : )