Monday, June 16, 2014

Like Father, Like Son

    The similarities between Caden and Casey just melts my heart!  I mean how wonderful is it when you love one person so much and then to see a little mini version of him!  Double the heart melt!!  From the moment we first saw Caden, it was obvious who he looked like the most and I'm totally good with that.  I can remember the first several months people would ask me who I think Caden looked like, me or Casey, and I think the reason they asked me is because they didn't want to hurt my feelings by saying Casey.  When I took Caden up to Casey's work for the first time and Casey introduced his son as his "Mini-Me".  Never a more true statement!
     Besides the outward appearance, Caden takes after his Daddy in several other ways too.  He's pretty laid back and chill most of the time.  The boy loves to play with cars, trucks, and trains.  Plus they both love me!  Here's a picture I snapped when a few weeks ago right when Caden was 6 months old, think they are related?
They even sleep the same way!

     Since Casey made Mother's Day so special for me, I wanted to make sure he got equal treatment.  We gave him part of his Father's Day present early because he needed it to fix up the garage, which was a 90 degree corner clamp. (Obviously a request from Casey, I didn't just choose a random tool at Sear's Hardware my self).  That wasn't enough for me, so Caden and I got him a "#1 Dad" T-shirt (a little cheesy I know, but I thought it'd be cute for the 1st Father's Day and at the least he can wear it to mow the lawn) and then some framed pictures of Caden in his hat supporting Daddy's school for him to have at work.
Caden had some assistance, but the little guy held the pen
while we wrote his Daddy's name on the card.

Little guy so excited to give his Daddy the rest of his presents

Here are the pictures we framed for Casey to have on his desk at work.  Caden and I had several photo shoots together so we could get only the best pictures for his Daddy.
Daddy's 3 Loves: His son, University of Houston, and Football

A baby in sunglasses is too cute.
Caden let me share this picture with him.
These cheeks!!
     Caden it seems was so excited about Father's Day that he woke up at 1:30 and 5:00 in the morning.  Though his sentiment was sweet, we are going to have to work on containing this excitment until later in the morning.  Casey loved his gifts, so mission accomplished there.  We went to church early for Casey's first Donuts with Dad and then celebrated Dad day with my Daddio for lunch.  Given the early morning wake up calls Caden was a little cranky (Sunday mornings are always hard because Bible class coincides with one of his naps) and add a little constipation for this want to be pooper, he was definite more on the grumpy side. By mid afternoon he had taken a nap and a poop, so our usual happy guy was back!  Church again for our family and then a quick dinner, and the day was done!
     Happy Father's Day Casey!! You are the best Daddy to our little boy!  I LOVE to watch his face light up when you come home.  You can make him laugh like no other and the prayers you pray for him touch my heart!


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