Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sing and Pray

Last several posts have been monthly updates on Molly, but her big brother is growing up fast too. He loves Veggie Tales & YouTube videos, looking for the moon at night, and of course playing outside, but this kid LOVES to sing and pray ( Every time church is over (which is twice on Sundays and Wednesday nights unless we have had some serious bad behavior) you can always find Caden at the front of our auditorium singing on the stage along with saying a few prayers that he ends with "Amen".  Still can't tell if he's singing an actual song  most of the time or one he has composed himself, but it's absolutely precious!!  Now if you ask him to sing, usually he won't or call him out on his lovely singing.  It has be on his terms, almost like it's his idea to do it, not yours.  Whatever family member is watching him has their assigned spot, and they're all different.  Caden also prefers to sing alone usually, so if he hands you a pen (his microphone) then consider that a great honor.  You can usually hear his little voice saying "Let's sing" whenever someone is praying or preaching during church.
   This sweet boy doesn't just sing at church either!  He's constantly doing it at home, loves to belt it out at the grocery store, or serenade us in the car.  I'm curious to see if he'll love to sing this much when he's older, but it does his parent's hearts good to hear his sweet little voice so excited about church!

"For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does."  Psalm 33:4

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