Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Molly @ 8 months

How we are here at 8 months already is crazy, but here we are!  To think that in 4 short months you will be a year old makes me sad because it's gone so fast, but then I feel like you've always been with our family, so how can you only be 8 months old?  This month you actually stopped army crawling and started what people would say is "typical" crawling.  I was firmly convinced you were going to army crawl forever, but you surprised me.  She also successfully climbed up our set of stairs all by herself, which is both impressive and alarming at the same time.
   No teeth yet still, which would make Molly later on her teeth arrival than her brother, but that's okay!  Girl has her own timing!  Still having middle of the night wake ups and wanting to start our day in the 5 o'clock hour, so I'm pretty certain those teeth are going to make an appearance soon.  At least, I hope they are, so maybe I can get some sleep:)  Eating food is going pretty well.  I'm only giving her baby food since she doesn't have any teeth, but girl seems to like most things.  Main issue is for her Momma to remember to feed her the food!  Poor baby #2!
  Your sweet smile is contagious and I feel like you show it more freely and easily than your brother did at this stage of life (and even now too!)  Still really easy, go with the flow, and don't care if your brother takes away your toys (though I'm certain you'll start having an opinion of disapproval soon and we are working with your brother on not taking things away from you).  Love you so much sweet girl!
These kiddos love their Daddy!

The beginning of pulling up and getting into trouble

Bath time with brother

Sweet girl went up all the stairs all by herself!  Yikes!

Quality time with Grandpa

Gane day ready!

Love my babies!

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