Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Child of Mine

Baby Hixon at 12 wks. 2 days

O sweet child of mine that has taken residence in my body for the next several months, my mind has me thinking of what you will be like and while I know God has made you exactly the way you need to be, I wonder what combination of your Daddy and I you will be. Maybe something like this:

  • Love your Heavenly Father above all else (I know it'll be hard with such a great earthly one, but we want you to love God more than us).  The first gift we bought you as parents is a Bible because it's vital to us as parents that you know God and want to live your life for Him.
  • Have your Daddy's patience and laid back-ness (in the year-ish we have been married, your father has really shown me my lack of patience and that I'm a control freak who wants most things to go a particular way with little flexibility)
  • Have your Mommy's sense of humor (I make your Daddy and so many others laugh constantly and the world definitely needs more laughter)
  • Have your Daddy's skin tone (Please don't hate me for the pastiness I inherited if you get it too.  Overall not the worst thing ever, and thank goodness they have now created spray-on sunblock)
  • Have your Mommy's social butterfly-ness and love of gabbing (Your father I must say has come quite a ways from when I first met him, but he doesn't hold candle to my love of talking/socializing)
  • Have your Daddy's taste buds.  I will be the first to admit I'm definitely a pickier eater than your father.  He likes more vegetables and types of meat than my palate enjoys, and I would rather not have to battle to get you to eat healthy.
  • Have your Mommy's proactiveness.  (Your Daddy is getting better about this and I am working on trying to relax and not freak out if something doesn't get done immediately)
  • Have your Daddy's stubbornness.  (Your Daddy can be stubborn don't get me wrong, but it is nothing near compared to your Mommy's.  Your Daddy will be the first to adamantly agree that I am one extremely stubborn female and I fear that with you this will be my karma in that you are going to take my stubbornness to a whole nother level.  Let's be kind to Mommy and she will get you some ice cream!)
I know that however you turn out is going to be perfect in our eyes and you will be just the way God wanted you to be!

"Know that the Lord is God.  It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture." Psalm 100:3


  1. Aw! Such a sweet letter :) Any kind of treat bribe will be helpful lol!