Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hello to the Big 3-0!

     Last Monday (aka St. Patrick's Day aka My Birthday) I said goodbye to my 20's and hello to the big 3-0.  I knew one day it would come and fighting it was pointless. I had seen other friends and family do it and they seemed no worse for the wear, so bring it on I say!  I really don't mind turning 30 because I'm at a wonderful place in my life: I have a fantastic husband and the cutest kid ever (though thinking that when he turns 30 I will be 60- Eek!). Those that know me know I LOVE my birthday, I always have.  Not really sure what is, I do thoroughly enjoy some cookie cake and presents are nice too, but I suppose that when I see so many people in green even though they are wearing it in honor of St. Patrick's Day and to avoid being pinched, I think that they are also celebrating me too!
     Having a little one that requires almost constant care/attention and being on one income did not lend itself to any lavish celebrations for this milestone, which was perfectly fine.  As long as I was able to spend it with the 2 special guys in my life and friends/family, than that was the ideal celebration with me.  Why cram all the fun into 1 day?  I like to extend the festivities for pretty much the entire month.  March 1st marks the beginning of what I call "St. Patrick's Day/My Birthday" season and the wearing of green kicks into overdrive.  With the blessing of Caden's arrival, I had someone else to share this joy with.  I know the boy will be able to dress himself and want to pick out his own clothes before I know it, so I will take full advantage of this luxury while I can.  I had gotten the little guy this adorable St. Patrick's Day onesie that was green and white striped and had a four leaf clover on the back that said "Mommy's Lucky Charm".  This outfit was perfect for so many reasons, so you better believe he wore this multiple times.  The window of this "season" is so short, so it went through the laundry multiple times.
     I was blessed to celebrate my birthday with Casey's family, my family, and friends.  What I did not plan on was getting sick.  My sweet boy decided to share his cold germs with me and I kept hoping it was just allergies.  With me breastfeeding the sharer of his germs, I had no idea what medicine I could and could not take.  The one allergy medicine we had at home, said if you were pregnant to ask your doctor, but if you were breastfeeding it wasn't recommended.  I was thoroughly confused and of course this all happens on a Friday afternoon when the doctor's offices are closed.  So I take Tylenol, hoping that will help and push on to the celebrations (after all this only happens once a year).  As the weekend progressed and I tried to fake being better (in hopes it would be reality), I felt worse and worse.  I was so grateful that Caden had gotten sick the week before my birthday so that way he was all better for my special day, but I never thought I would be sick.
     When I woke up that morning, I felt TERRIBLE.  Not the introduction to my 30's I was wanting.  I saw why some people want to stay 29 forever, I was wanting to jump on that bandwagon myself.  Even though the doctor's office was not where I was wanting to go, I wanted to feel better more than anything.  Thankful that my mother in-law watched Caden for me so I didn't have to worry about him at the doctor or him getting sick again. Trying to put some happiness into the day, I squeezed in a quick stop to get my nails done (where sweet friends surprised me with balloons and birthday gifts). Ran out to Katy to the doctor where I was diagnosed with a lovely sinus infection or as my doctor called it "the crud".  Went to the pharmacy to pick up my drugs, rush back to the house to meet my fellas, and then on to dinner at Taste of Texas with my fam.  The food was tasty and I was trying so hard to enjoy myself, but by the end of it I was done and felt awful still.
     Thankful that the medicine I got worked fast, so I felt a ton better the next day and Caden stayed all day with Grandma, so I could rest and not have to worry about a baby.  While not the birthday I had envisioned, there were still several bright moments to it that made me feel very loved and blessed.  Bring it on 30's!
Man this boy looks good in green!

Celebration #1 at the In-Laws

Not a great picture of me by any means.
I'm trying to look like I feel fine, but I really feel

Beautiful flowers delivered from a beautiful friend.
Casey also got me a dozen red roses, but I forgot
to take a picture, so just imagine another vase
with beautiful flowers. 
"They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness." Psalm 145:7


  1. "I like to extend the festivities for pretty much the entire month." This made my laugh because my sister is the same way! I love you! Glad you had a great birthday celebrating with your loved ones.

    1. I love you too!! I hope you follow in Teresa and I's example by doing the same for yourself this month! You deserve it Mama!!