Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unclean, Unclean!

     Caden reached another first in his life this week, the first time being sick:(  Poor little guy has his first cold.   He had been coughing occasionally starting a few days ago, but it wasn't a hard cough or like he was coughing anything up, so my guess was that it might be allergies.  Sunday when we were out of town, the cough started to get a little worse, but I was still thinking (and hoping) it could still be allergies.  Given that it was the weekend, the doctor's office was closed, and not much could be done.  Monday morning when he woke up and gave this nasty cough, I called the pediatrician and got an appointment that morning.
     Casey had an evening meeting at work so he didn't have to go in that day until lunch, so he was able to go with us.  Our pediatrician's waiting area is divided into 3 areas: newborn, well-visit, and sick child.  Every other time we had been to the doctor, we waited in the newborn area.  Casey started to head that direction when we walked in, but I had to tell him we had to go to the sick child area.  It was like in Biblical times when those who were sick/unclean had to announce they were unclean.   We were those people shouting "unclean, unclean" by sitting over here.  I felt like a leper who was segregated from everyone else.  Don't get me wrong I'm thankful that they divide the waiting area like this in attempt to minimize the germs from spreading.  I just wished that my little boy wasn't sick and we could sit over there.
     Thankfully, it was only a cold!  Oh how I do not look forward to more severe illnesses than that.  Doctor said chest was clear, ears and throat were good, and since he never ran a fever that he was probably at the worst of it and should be getting better very soon.  She also told us that it was good we brought him in (yay for being good parents!) and there were several other babies with the same stuff.  Monday has definitely been the worst day of this cold.  After we got home from the doctor, little guy napped for 2 hours in my arms, was up for about an hour and half, then napped again for an hour. Little guy took 4 naps total  that day, which is a big sign for this boy that he does not feel well.  Unfortunately before each of those slumbers, was the fussiest he's ever been, which was a blast for this Momma.
      Today is a new day and Caden seems to be improving.  He's still coughing, but overall happier than yesterday.  Looks like we are going to make it through this fun!  Oh how I wish he could talk and tell me he wasn't feeling good.  I wonder how long he's not feeling well before I catch on.  Being a first-time mom, you hate to avoid the embarrassment of it being nothing, but on the flip side you don't want it to turn into something worse because you waited too long to bring them into the doctor.  Given those two choices, I will be embarrassed every single time.
Where the unclean wait

Stripped down to see the doctor

A picture to describe how we felt Monday
"I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope." Psalm 130:5


  1. Poor baby! Good job bringing him in. How wonderful Casey got to go, too. I wish our Dr. Office had a sick waiting area, but it doesn't. You Ped office looks so nice!

    1. I love our pediatrician's office! It's still one big room, so no way to prevent anything from spreading in the air, but at least they are trying to contain the germs best they can. They're part of a group that's open in the evenings and weekends if you need it, which is nice if you work or something happens on the weekend. Plus, if we go to a certain children's hospital they are affiliated they can pull up his records and any test results, etc. It's amazing!!