Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

   Better late than never on this post! Between Caden and I being sick and the craziness of this holiday season, there has not been time to write.  Almost 2 weekends ago, we got our Christmas tree.  Our family tradition is to have a real tree (I love the smell, nothing like it!) and we go to a tree farm to chop it down.  Before we went, Casey and I discussed how big of a tree we were going to get and where it would go in our house.  We both agreed that our child would not be able to handle the temptation of a tree (fully decorated or not) or presents out in the open, and rather than have to endure constant policing and chastising when a wrong is done, we opted to put it out of direct contact of little hands.   So that way everyone could still enjoy it, it made more sense to do a smaller tree that could go on top off an end table this year.
   What a difference experience this was last year.  Caden was a couple weeks old last year and Casey and I would take turns staying with him in his car seat while the other went in search for the "perfect" tree.  This year, Caden was mobile and loved exploring the farm!  He particularly enjoyed playing with broken tree branches or the yard stick given to measure the tree.  With a little one, time is of the essence, so after just a few minutes of searching we found our tree for 2014!


Dec. 2014

Taking his role of "helper" seriously


Finished product!
"He himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light."  John 1:8

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