Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

   This Thanksgiving took us out of town to visit Casey's side of the family.  We traveled to Marble Falls on Wednesday to stay with Casey's grandfather.  On Thursday we drove to Kerrville to spend Thanksgiving with his aunts, uncles, and cousins and then back to Marble Falls.  On Friday, we drove back to Houston.  While the food and family time were wonderful, the not so wonderful was having a sick baby through it all.  Of course, this would happen when we are out of town and when the pediatricians office was closed.  Caden had been experiencing a runny nose for a couple days, but nothing too terrible so we attributed it to allergies since so many others were having the sniffles too. 
   When we arrived to Marble Falls,  Casey noticed that he felt warm and you could tell that his overall demeanor was that of one who did not feel well.  Our poor baby's temp got us to 104.5 that night (scary!)  We did Tylenol, wet cloths on his back, cool baths, and as much liquids as he would drink.  Lots of prayers too!  So thankful for having a 24 hr. nurse line through our pediatrician to answer our questions and give us suggestions on how to help our little guy!  Sleep was of course rough (which I knew wouldn't be great since we were out of town, but being sick added a whole nother element)  By morning he seemed better both on the fever and attitude, so since he only had a cold we decided to still travel to Kerrville to have Thanksgiving.  It went pretty well for having a child that didn't feel well.  Let's just say that the sweet family portrait I was hoping to get didn't happen.  With a rough nights sleep for all 3 of us combined with a sick kiddo, that was not something I wanted to remember with a picture down the road.
   Thanksgiving evening brought back his fever even with giving him Tylenol every 4 hours, but it only went to 103.5 that night, so at least we seemed to be heading in the right direction.  Friday we headed back home.  We hated to leave our happy place, but were anxious to get our baby back to his home and in his own bed.  Caden's fever seemed to be gone and he seemed to be feeling better though he was still congested.  Colds are no fun, but I think they're way worse for babies since the only medicine you can really give them is Tylenol.  Little pooper is a fighter and beat this cold after a few days.  Our Thanksgiving was not what we had planned, but we are still very blessed!
   While there are many things our family is thankful for, we are very thankful for God healing our sweet child.  Hope your Thanksgiving made you reflect on the abundant blessings in your life!
Yes my child is wearing no pants or shoes in Home Depot. 
Don't judge.  After fussing in my arms, I was willing to try
anything to get him to stop crying.

Poor baby felt awful Wednesday night. 
He just laid on me still, which is not like him.

Enjoying Thanksgiving lunch.
My tiny waisted boy can't keep his pants up!
Family Fun outside!
One of my favorite pictures
with my sweet Caden! 
Watching the Aggies play LSU!

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." Psalm 100:4 

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