Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3 Months!

     Last Tuesday, Mister Caden turned 3 months old!  Hard to believe I know!  His smiles makes my heart so happy, so I love to see them so many times each day!!  It's so incredible to watch him grow and get better at things like holding up his head.  He definitely loves motion and has to be bounced or rocked to go to sleep and not a fan of sitting still too long!! Recently he has become more stubborn some times in fighting his naps (I have no idea where he could have gotten that from:), but eventually he gives in and falls asleep.     No field trips to the doctor (thank goodness we have a healthy boy!), so his weight and height were done by yours truly and by no means 100% accurate, but his stats are 12.6 lbs. and 24 inches long, so we are definitely growing!!
     We still don't have an exact schedule, but most days he wakes up about 6 in time to see his Daddy for a few minutes before he leaves for work.  While Mommy tries to wake up, we hang out in bed for a little bit, then I try to get clothes on, etc. while the munchkin hangs out in his bouncer.  I try to get him to take a morning nap after the second feeding, sometimes not successful and other times I can only get him to stay asleep if I hold him.  If I'm able to put you down, I usually try to eat breakfast, do a load of laundry, or the dishes.  If the weather is nice and we can get out with a chunk of time before the next feeding, we will go for a walk (well, I will walk while you get pushed in your stroller!) Other days, we have errands like the grocery store or Target.  There are some activities we have every week, so there is some consistency.  Every Monday afternoon Caden has a playdate with Grandma (it's a win-win for everyone because Caden gets some quality time with his grandma and I get a few hours to clean the house, run errands, etc), Tuesday mornings we have Ladies Bible class at church, and Wednesday evenings we meet Caden's Pawpaw, Mitt, Aunt Andy, and Daddy for dinner before Bible class at church.
     This past month Caden had a few "firsts".  He had his first playdate with his friend Cannon (who is just 11 days older than Caden).  I think the time span where they were awake at the same time was about 15 minutes, but his Mommy enjoyed visiting with her friend Leslie.  Caden also had his first (and I'm sure his father hopes his last) trip to the nail salon.  It was the middle of the day and there was no one in there except myself and my friend Lesel, so you couldn't smell any fumes.  The ladies working there LOVED him, boy put on the show and knew how to flirt with the ladies!  Caden celebrated his first Valentine's Day and even delivered some surprises to some special ladies in his life! Valentine's Day with a little one was different than previous ones, but still very special.  Since it fell on a Friday, we opted not to go out since the restaurants would be crowded, so Caden and I met Casey and some coworkers for lunch at Chili's and spent the evening at home.  I even mopped the kitchen floor (I know, living it up!)  Saturday evening Casey and I dropped Caden off with his Grandma, then went to see "The Monuments Men" and dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.  I told Casey I didn't want any gifts, just a card and time with him would be the best gift and it was!
     Here are some pictures to share of our precious blessing:
Obligatory monthly picture!

Delivering valentines

The nail salon ladies LOVED him!

Caden with his Aunt Andy

Getting to ride in his red wagon with Pawpaw

Why show preference to one finger when
you can stick them all in there?

1st playdate with Cannon!

"Rejoice always, pray continually" 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17

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  1. So so cute! He sounds so much like Jay as a newborn! Xoxo