Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10 Months!

     That's right this little guy is in the double digits now!  So hard to believe how fast it has gone by!  In my typical fashion, I'm posting this when the next month is already halfway over.  What a month it has been for this kiddo!  He went from taking his first couple of steps to his Daddy to now walking on his own all over the place!  This Momma was not expecting him to walk so soon, but I guess I really shouldn't be too surprised.  I could see in his face that his motivation in crawling was to get from one place to another so he could pull himself up to a standing position, so why wouldn't this kid want to get from one place to another faster standing upright?!  He stills crawls quite a bit, so we're not walking 100% of the time, but it amazing to see how much progress this kid makes each week. (This was the case a couple weeks ago, but now our little guy walks at lightning speed sometimes and there's a lot less crawling.  Crazy how fast that changes!)
     You are up to 5 teeth now, so we are making some head way in filling up the mouth.  I finally have gotten you to eat 3 times a day (most days), and you are eating table food like a champ!  Yogurt and fruit are probably your favorites, but you're still not too picky! (Hopefully this continues, but I am realistic to know it will end at some point)
     "Da-da" is your favorite thing to say/babble and you pretty much do it all day long.  I try to get you to say "Ma-ma", but you just  say "Da-da" in response.  Such a little stinker! Right now the only time you will say "Ma-ma" is if you're having a melt down or crying, but we'll get there one day where you'll say and be in a happy mood!  You've learned what the word "No" means and you are not a fan of it at all!  At first you would just pause what you were doing and then proceed to do what you weren't supposed to be doing, but recently you've actually started to stop the taboo action and not get into any trouble. Most of the time, you keep on doing what you want, and then get upset because you got in trouble.  Life is so hard sometimes!
     You are still an early riser usually waking up at 6, and then there's some days when you decide the 5 o'clock hour is a great time to start the day (I greatly disagree with this, but that does not seem to bother you at all).  Thankfully, you still will give me a couple naps each day, sometimes 3 if you're really worn out.

Sitting still for pictures is pretty much
next to impossible for this guy!

Caden loves to pull out the cabinet with all the plastic
tupperware and containers.  He enjoys it, gives him something to do
so I can do dishes or cook dinner, so we plan to not put
locks on this cabinet and have renamed it "Caden's cabinet"

My little cleaning partner.  I look forward to the day he can
actually help clean up his messes!
     Caden, you seriously are a little cutie and watching you grow up into this little boy is amazing to see!  I love getting to stay home with you and be able to make so many memories together!  So glad God gave you to us!!

"Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.  Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."  Proverbs 19: 20-21

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