Saturday, October 25, 2014

11 Months

     Sorry for the long delay in posts, but the laptop was in the shop for a few days getting fixed, so I couldn't write anything even when I did find a few, brief free moments.  Our sweet little guy is now 11 months old!!  Well we have now said goodbye to crawling and hello to walking everywhere!!  He can walk with pretty good speed these days so I'm sure running is just around the corner.  I'm going to miss the days when he doesn't have to hold his hands out to stay balanced as he walks.  With this increased mobility means this kid can get away from me fast and walk off.  This includes taking your Mommy's cell phone and putting it in the toilet because the bathroom is pretty much one of your favorite places!).  Sadly, my phone could not be brought back to life, but we were able to get a replacement phone in a couple days thanks to having insurance.
     This past month also marked another milestone I thought would take longer to reach, saying goodbye to the bottle!  At your 6 month pediatrician appt, the doctor told us we could start introducing sippy cups to you with some water in them.  We had a couple different kinds, but quite frankly Caden could have cared less about them.  He was more interested in using them as a chew toy than getting liquid from them.  I even put formula in them instead, and while that went somewhat better, he would take a couple tries and be done.  I kept trying here and there, but after many failed attempts, I took a break.  Fast forward to his 9 month check up, where the doctor says by 12 months he needs to be done with bottles. Okay great, now its time to get serious because I felt this was going to be a long battle. 
     I saw other kids his age and even younger using sippy cups without any problems, so now I start to feel like a Mom failture in this department. I tried another brand of sippy cups (Munchkin brand) and got one with the really soft nipples like his bottle (I'm certainly not going to buy more than one until I see that it works even if it is a pain to clean and reuse so often).  At first it seemed like before and this was going to be a bitter battle, but then one day he started using his new sippy cup with no problem.  Once he did a couple feedings back to back, I just kept using that same bottle and never looked back.  It's just another way of Caden telling me, I will do it, but on my time, so don't worry Mom!
     Caden's up to 6 teeth now!  This latest one was a bit of a doozie with someone having some super cranky moments, but like the previous ones, we are surviving this one!  The days of just sporting a diaper around the house are pretty much over as our little guy has figured out how to take it off himself and streak around the house!  While it's a cute sight to see this little bottom walking around the house, it's also way dangerous!  To preserve our furniture and floors, the kiddo must be diapered and clothed at all times!
     He's finally started to say "Ma-ma" and not have a meltdown at the same time.  Of course "Da-da" is still his favorite word and this kid could not be any more of a Daddy's boy!  I know he loves his Mommy, but his Daddy is his best friend that he lights up to see and laughs so much more when he is around.  The other day this week I asked Caden if he wanted his "Da-da" to come home and he replied "Ya".  So sweet!
    This little guy is our world and blesses our lives infinitely with each new day!  He loves playing with balls, playing hide and seek with the pillows on our bed, and going outside.  Can't believe next month will be your first birthday!  While I'm a little sad to see it come, I also can't wait to celebrate our sweet Caden!!

These monthly pictures are nearly impossible! 
I'll be in honest in that I'm glad there's only 1 more month of these.

Walking free around the house after ripping his diaper off

Best $3 spent!  We love throwing and kicking the ball!

Teething torture!

Who would have known that hours later you'd be in tears and super fussy
because of your new tooth that is coming in?!

Just chilling in his crib and playing with the monitor
"But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble."  Psalm 59:16

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