Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

     This past Saturday was another first for our sweet Caden, his first trip to a pumpkin patch!  With a mid November birthday, this little guy just barely missed Halloween and visiting pumpkin patches.  What a difference a year makes!  From inside my tummy to walking all over everywhere, this kid is growing up fast!
Caden loved the pumpkin patch!  We went with my cousin who has a son about 5 months older than Caden and her family, so it was a blast!  We visited a place not too far from our house called Halter Inc.  The rest of the year this place operates as somewhere children can come enjoy the benefits of therapeutic horses and other farm animals, but this time of year they also have a pumpkin patch with tons of fun activities for kiddos!  There's a petting zoo, pony rides, etc. for super cheap!  Kids under 2 are free (Sweet!) as well as adults (Sweetness again!) and the kids over 2 are $5 each.
     Caden liked getting to explore and touch all the pumpkins, and one of his favorite things was sitting on a tractor (future farmer?, Perhaps, I mean this child looks absolutely adorable in his overalls!)  He fed some goats, pigs, and a llama.  He even stole some of their food for himself (sad to admit he actually did this twice!).  At our neighborhood's National Night Out they had a couple of police officers with horses there, and Caden was a little scared of these large animals (in his defense there is a substantial size difference), so I wasn't sure how the pony ride would go, but he did GREAT!  He loved sitting in the saddle and didn't cry once.
     Such a neat place to visit!  A few little showers didn't stop us from having a wonderful time!!

Our little pumpkin with one BIG pumpkin

Caden loved getting to touch all the pumpkins

Sweet cousins and friends

Such a Casey face who does not want to take another picture

Me and My little guy!

To say he LOVED the tractor is an understatement

Daddy with his Mini-me!

Loves being in the driver's seat!

Feeding the goat!  Apparently their food looked appetizing
to Caden because he took a few samples for himself.

Our first pony ride!

Taking the pony on a walk thru an obstacle course with cousin Cheryl!

Fascinated with this pumpkin

My sweet baby looking so grown up!

Picking out his own pumpkin with his Daddy

Caden and Spencer with their pumpkins!

The result of too much fun at the pumpkin patch!

"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."  Psalm 73:26

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