Saturday, March 5, 2016

Molly at 1 Month Old!

   Good golly Miss Molly is 1 month old!  Time goes by so much quicker with the second baby!   Doesn't help either that our calendar was pretty jam packed with Christmas holiday fun.  Molly thus far is such a great and easy baby.  Seriously.  Girl is a rock star!  God knew that with an active toddler who is fully embracing his 2 year old-ness with tantrums and all that an easy-going, laid back newborn would be just what we needed.
   I can't praise Molly enough in the sleep department!!!  Since she was born she would go 4-5 hrs at night between feedings, but I felt like that only lasted a week before this little lady stretched it out to 7 hours!  Big brother was never a bad sleeper at night, but he was your typical newborn waking every 3 hours, so this has been a MUCH welcomed surprise this second time around.  During the day, I feel like she sleeps more than Caden did too, which again is appreciated so I can focus on giving big brother the attention he needs.  The fact that Molly can snooze through your brother's near constant singing bodes well for all of us as I feel he won't get quieter with age.
   Two things we've had to deal with Molly that we didn't with Caden: blocked tear duct and thrush.  When Molly was 9 days old, one of her eyes became really goopy, so bad she didn't want to open it.  I thought it was pink eye since Caden had that in the past (pre-Molly).  When I took her to the pediatrician, I was happy to hear it wasn't pink eye, which is really contagious, but a blocked tear duct instead.  Our pediatrician just told us to do the following 5 times a day: wipe the eye, massage in a circle 15 times, and then put a drop of a breast milk in the corner of her eye.  That last part sounds strange I know, but it seriously works!  What I was not expecting to find out when we went to the doctor was that Molly had thrush, which is just a yeast infection in her mouth.  Since Molly had thrush, this meant that I had thrush since I was breastfeeding her.  Thankfully our wonderful pediatrician prescribed enough medicine for both Molly and I, so I was saved a trip to the doctor.
   You're not really any help with diaper changes Miss Molly.  You like to stiffen up your legs and since you're so little and fragile, I'm nervous to force you to do anything too much because I don't want to hurt you.  Molly is pretty chill most of the time.  She doesn't really cry that much, and if so there's usually a pretty easy reason why (woke, pacifier fell out, wet diaper, etc.)  Speaking of the pacifier, she is definitely a bigger fan of these things than her brother was.  Thank you to the person that invented the pacifier clip because that has been a huge help in not having to search for them.
   You're wearing newborn size clothes and diapers at this point still.  Since size 1 diapers start at 8 lbs, you're Daddy was ready to move you to size 1 diapers.  However, your Mommy was not so ready to see this phase of the newborn-ness go away so soon since everything else seemed to be flying be so much faster.  So you better believe, I went to Target and bought a box of newborn diapers that we probably didn't actually need, but this Momma's emotions did.
Molly's first Sunday at church

Ready to watch the Aggies play

Such a happy baby!
"The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them." Proverbs 20:7

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